Central Ave Blues

from by Big Ol' Dirty Bucket

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Lyrics and Music by Ryan Green. Rap by Micah Casey. Performed by Big Ol' Dirty Bucket.


This city’s trying to make ends meet
Blocks full of people with no homes or heat
This is a city living on the street
Young baby mamas with younger mouths to feed

This is a city that begs and pleads
For a little fairness and equality
Just past the skyline it’s a different scene
Stand in my shoes and you’ll see what I mean
Less than 1 block away from extreme poverty
There are men and women with diamond gold jewelry
Driving them luxury cars to those houses by the sea

Did you ever need
Or are your pockets running deep
Ask what you can give
To help your brother live


Hope is like love
Something you can’t see but you gotta believe
Change is gonna come
In the darkest night there’s always a light
Let me give it to you
I wanna give it to you one time, two times
Watch our city shine

Rap Verse:

No words, your power is non-flip. The run pattern, throw it at them full speed, killing greed in the path. Why deny the truth? Living proof of victory: Django free. Shield of hope protecting me. Hearing words spoken before I awoke. Impossible you say? My experience, I'm deep in, where you [are] on the fence. No pretense, I be in the moves. Led by the spirit, freaky y'all, want to hear it? Real life on the plains, or what feels - a field of playing, run and catch, grow and fetch. Big bucks for running in circles, bunch of Urkles. Don't know what the color purple means, royal things keep dancing in your dreams. For goodness sake we can get more awake in the wake before. And after we can always take back what we own. Too late, seed planted in dome. Or noodle, I don't fool you, spool or tool you for anything. I know my source, not the magazine or reporter sorts. Some use words for sport, I use them [for the] right to fight, the dark for the light, Skywalker style.


from Bucket Express, released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Big Ol' Dirty Bucket Boston, Massachusetts

Described as "Parliament-Funkadelic meets Aretha Franklin at a Jay-Z concert", Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket defines the Beantown funk sound.

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